Modern Business Solution

Cloud Solution

Take advantage of cloud computing when you use BMO (Business Management Online) where all your business activities are under one cloud solutions.
POS, HRM, CRM, Inventories and Accounting. Each module can be independent or linked together to reduce job overlapping.

Business Process Outsourcing

We are not only developing, sell and supporting our software. We want to provide you a peace of mind by operating the software for you like your loyal staff.
We operate HRM and accounting software for your day to day business needs. To unleash the best of your business product, we offer to help you to run your day to day operations. Freeing you from human resource and accounting hassle.
We strongly believe that our product can help any SME worldwide to excel in tough business
environment. To make business operate even easier, we offer full fledge business software, sales, support and BPO.

One Stop R&D

We have developed the software from scratch and proven it's effectiveness with 10 years worth of customer base. Both the hardware and software are certified and provided as a full set for businesses.
We constantly support our customers by providing free call-in support.